Fluttershy in Wonderland by しろ造

My favorite pony


My favorite pony


The stages:

1) Thumbnails! Bobby’s favourite was the first one, so I went with that :)
2) Pencils!
3) Inks!
4) Colours!
5) And theeeen the logo & credits :)

It’s not often I say this but… I’m pretty happy with the way this cover turned out! D: *gasp! I complimented myself!*

Disgusting Blob

I want to say "NEVER AGAIN!" but I’m in way too deep already.

I worked on my Spike and Pinkie drawings for like 8 hours and they’re still not done. So many. Freaking. 3D. SHAPES! Ugh, I had to build each one of them because my Photoshop is from the dark ages. So much transforming and distorting. I guess I’ll see how far I get tomorrow.